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About Us

Our Earth's Bounty Culinary Concept

Inspired by Chefs, Driven by Chefs, Operated by Chefs

Husk & Vine, focuses on shareable plates and mixology cocktails pieced together from various regions of the world, as well as a broad selection of bourbons (hence the "husk" in the name) and wines (ditto for "vine").

"You are what you eat” is a common phrase that we often hear when it comes to food.  As a society we agree, there is a strong connection with food and the sun. The sun provides the energy and the nutrients needed for plants to grow. By eating select food that are grown, sun ripened, and harvested properly in season without pesticides has a positive effect on our body. When consuming these products we are taking in the same energy and nutrients that the sun provides to all living things. The same can be said for meat eaters, but only if eating pasture raised products, because they eat a natural diet and receive the same energy and nutrients from the sun as well. In our kitchen the sun is the main ingredient.

At Husk and Vine we have a very clear and focused path to excellence, to make an everlasting impression on our customers by giving a high level experience while providing the freshest quality and ingredients available, in a casual and enjoyable atmosphere. We offer a passion driven culinary concept, all designed around the earth's bounty.

Eat. Drink. Relax. Repeat.